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Tannenbaum & Mehta has more listings, sales, and satisfied customers than any other firm in the region. With more listings, and a solid business and financial profile of each listing, you have a comprehensive understanding of potential business opportunities. We prequalify buyers so sellers are serious when they meet you. We offer support after the sale to help your new business succeed.
Over the last six decades, Tannenbaum & Mehta has sold thousands of businesses. This unique experience has enabled our firm to understand and identify the unique requirements of the various buyers we assist, based on the following:
  • Size and Type of Businesses -- Tannenbaum & Mehta has helped buyers locate and purchase businesses ranging from small retail shops and franchises selling for under $100,000, to large distribution, manufacturing and other businesses selling for $5 million or more.
  • Down Payment -- We are effective in helping buyers with relatively small amounts of funds available for investment, as well as buyers with more than adequate cash reserves.
  • Location -- We specialize in businesses located in New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware; however, some of the businesses we list can be relocated outside this region.
  • Inventory of Businesses and/or Commercial Real Estate for Sale -- Most buyers aren't exactly sure what type or size of business they would like to own and operate. Tannenbaum & Mehta is one of the larger business brokerages in the region with hundreds of listings available at any given time. Even with this large inventory, if for any reason, we do not have a business that meets your criteria, we can undertake a specific search for you. Our brokers also hold commercial real estate licenses which allows us to facilitate the sale or purchase of businesses that include buildings and land.
  • Financing -- Because our success depends on bringing each and every transaction to a successful close, we have established relationships with a number of leading lending institutions, enabling us to match the right lender for each buyer and each business.
Once a suitable business is found, and an offer made and accepted, the process is far from over. It is now essential to bring the process to a successful settlement with a minimum of delay and costs. This outcome may require any or all of the following professionals:
  • Seller's Accountant and Attorney
  • Buyer's Accountant and Attorney
  • Landlord and Attorney
  • Bank, Processor and Attorney
  • Engineering, Building and/or Environmental Expert
  • Surveyor
  • Appraiser
  • Title Company
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