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Tannenbaum & Mehta - M& A Division is a full-service professional business intermediary that creatively assists lower mid-market firms sell or grow via acquisition or merger. 


Whether you are ready to sell or purchase a business, or are just thinking long-term, now is the time to start planning.


Tannenbaum & Mehta - M& A Division is a trusted partner to lower mid-market companies at any stage.  We will ensure that your business is properly positioned to enhance its value.  Business can then be sold at the best price and terms to a well-qualified strategic or financial buyer in a transaction that moves swiftly and uneventfully to closing. 



Are you a lower mid-market business offering B2B, distribution, or manufacturing services? Or perhaps you are interested in acquiring one?


Let us walk you through the process of buying or selling a business. Whether you are a buyer or an owner  our team offers more than a century of combined experience, delivering the highest levels of integrity, confidentiality, and trust to our clients. Tannenbaum & Mehta  knows you business matters!